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My daughter loves everything my son loves. They are each others besties. So when he decided to be Bowser..she chose Yoshi, but purple and coming out of an egg. Of course, she couldn’t make it too easy. I was really excited to challenge myself with this project. I’ve never make anything paper mache, so I was especially excited to make the attempt. My best friend is the paper mache queen..so I had a pro to call for advice. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and post comments!

Material List: (Size 4T, XS in Girls)

  • Purple Fleece (1 yard)
  • White Fleece (1/2 yard)
  • Red Felt (4 Sheets)
  • Blue Felt (1 Sheet)
  • Purple Ribbon
  • Polyfill (10 oz.)
  • Thread (red, white, purple)
  • Sew- On Metal Snaps (set of 3)
  • 18″ Balloon
  • Newspaper/ Copy Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Duck Tape
  • Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks
  • White/ Lavender Acrylic Paint
  • Print pattern for Yoshi head (Enlarge by 200%)  smallyoshipattern

Yoshi Head:

Thank you to mactothefuture at http://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Yoshi-Plush/ for the Yoshi pattern..

I followed the sewing instructions to put the Yoshi head together.

Paper Mache Egg:

Blow up your 18″ Balloon, tie a string to the knot. Sit your balloon on a bowl or bucket…cut strips of newspaper and white copy paper. Make your paper mache mixture (3 cups water/2 cups flour/ 1/2 bottle of Elmer’s glue), make sure the mixture is a pancake consistency…add more water or flour. Not glue!  When applying the paper mache on the balloon be sure to overlap strips 1/2″ over other strips, let layer dry completely before applying next layer. Also, this is very important… make sure to complete the layer all around. ( I made the mistake of not finishing the 2nd layer on the bottom of the balloon..and it cracked open the first layer!!..luckily my bestie told me how to fix it.) You’ll need to hang your egg to complete the layers on the bottom or the top..depending on how you lay your egg on the bucket/ bowl. Your going to want to do 3 layers of newspaper and 1 layer of white copy paper. After your done with all your layers..paint the egg white. You should only need one layer of paint, but two layers of paint wouldn’t hurt. Cut the base of the egg…use the width of your child’s waist and add an inch or two around the perimeter. For the top of the egg, where you want it to look cracked. Cut down 6-8″ from the top the make triangular cut outs…to give the illusion of it being cracked. Make some cuts deeper and wider, to give it a more natural look. After you finish with the cutting and it looks just like you want..paint lavender circles approx 4″ and 6″ in size (2 layers) randomly around the egg. Add ribbon straps inside the egg with glue to help your little one wear their egg proud and comfortably.

Thanks for watching.. leave comments below!


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    Best costumes ever!!!! Great job!

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      Thank you Sara! We hope you enjoy our tutorials…more coming soon!

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