Why a 27 Day Juice Cleanse?

If you’ve read “Selling it all to keep my family together” post you know that we live in an R.V.  Life is great and all besides shitting in basically a port-o-potty and taking 10 minutes showers. The summer of 2015 was when we set sail in our “HomeWheels” and it was also the time that I was in the best physical shape in my life. I had started working out in the spring of 2015 to get ready for my brother’s wedding. Where I had intentionally ordered my bridesmaid dress 2 sizes too small. Yea, I know! Who does that? Apparently, I do!

If you know me, I really don’t like working out. I like thinking about it, pinning workouts on Pinterest, and watching videos of physically fit ladies and thinking “I want to do that”, “Damn, that lady is strong”, “I want to bend like a pretzel”. I love being inspired, but actually getting off my ass and doing it. Well, that’s another thing.

So the Spring of 2015, was sort of unusual for my normal self. I had found this great instructor JP and a crew of inspirational workout buddies who really pushed me on being stronger and challenging my body. Months later, I felt good and looked good. Oh, and I ended up fitting in my bridesmaid dress! Months after that, I tried to continue the high that I had gotten from being around all these great people. Unfortunately, I slowly started losing momentum and started gaining weight. Fast forward to Winter of 2016, I’ve gained almost 30 pounds. I weighed the same now, as I did when I was at the end of my pregnancy. I am a petite woman, so 30 pounds feels really heavy on my frame and well I don’t look like myself anymore.

So I’m laying in bed thinking, I have to do something. I’ve done a juice cleanse before..years ago. I did it for 25 days or so, and lost a significant amount of weight. I felt great and maintained the weight off for quite awhile. The only thing is that I didn’t workout, which I thought was a plus. Looking back now, I realize that I don’t want that. My ass was as flat as my stomach, and well, I’d like my bikini bottom not to look like a saggy diaper. So I plan on working out, there, I said it! It’s on the internet for everyone to see, to hold me accountable to. I can’t go back now. Our Costa Rica trip is in exactly 27 days. Which I’m so stoked about!  So I really do have a deadline to reach. So here we go!

I will be buying produce every 4 days. I don’t have the storage and I also to break down the cost a little bit so it doesn’t feel like a burden. I’ll be posting my progress every couple days with the ups and downs, workouts regimen, weigh ins, grocery lists, recipes and more.

My 27 day juice cleanse is based on Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me 28-Day Juice Plan. His book is on Amazon, he also has an APP on the app store. I will be following his plan via his book. I might change a couple things once I start making the juices. He’s an awesome Juice Master and I highly recommend following him on Facebook.

This is not the only way to lose weight. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. I don’t claim to know it all. I’ve done a cleanse before and it made me feel wonderful, that is why I’m doing one again. If you decide to do this, please ask your doctor.

I hope you follow along and enjoy some laughs and maybe get a little inspired.


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    So excited for you and your journey! You can do it!!!!! XO

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