Selling it all to keep my family together

About a year and half ago, we decided to set sail in our “HomeWheels” and travel around the U.S., following my husband’s job. This decision didn’t come easy…lots of contemplating about if it was the right choice made for a lot of late nights. Having been born and raised in the same Texas town where my family and my husband’s family reside, came with a lot of benefits. There was never a lack of baby sitters,  parties to attend and plan and friends to hang out with. We had just purchased our first home a year before deciding to leave Texas. It was the home of our dreams, but it wasn’t located where we wanted to be. My husband and I always wanted to leave Texas and see the rest of the world. Financial stress was among the many reasons we decided to take on a new job opportunity that ended up having the perk of traveling.

“I can’t leave my mom.” , “I can’t move my kids.” , ” All my friends are here.”, “Everything I know, is here.”

These were the many reasons that people would give me for them not leaving our small hometown. I get it. It’s scary leaving everything behind to start anew. These were all reasons I also thought of, but none of these were enough for me to not have my hubs with me. Okay, this is how I think of it…I chose this guy, to love, to spend my life with and to have kids with. Our family of four being together was the most important thing to me, above everything else. I didn’t want to have a “phone call” sort of marriage and see him every couple months. I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t live that way. I refused to.

“Don’t forget to pack my…”

I love getting rid of stuff! It gives me a euphoric feeling. I still de-clutter the camper every three months. For one, there is a lack of space. Two, I love doing it!  The task of doing it for a 3 bedroom, 2,200 square foot home was a bit more challenging. I’d say it took me maybe a month or so to finish. This was at the same time I was thinking of renting a condo in Ohio (my hubs’ job site at the time) . So I didn’t exactly get rid of everything. After some garage sales, donating, hosting swap parties and just dumping things in the trash, I had what I thought were only the necessities. Boy was I wrong!

“What about a camper? Holy shittles! That’s it!”

Renting an apartment, condo, or house was crazy expensive, and not knowing how long we would stay in one place, would cause a problem with a lease. The tiny house movement had just started to catch on, but having one built would take too long, plus we didn’t have the cash. What about a camper? Holy shittles! That’s it! It was like a light bulb had just turned on. I was living with my mom at the moment, after renting our home. So, one weekend we all piled in the car, including my Abuelito, making it a family affair, to check out some campers. Cutting it short, I picked out a travel trailer that weekend. Purchasing a camper is just as easy as getting a car!  If you ever considering living in a travel trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome, do yourself a favor and buy one with all the perks! We didn’t, and I so wish we had! My husband is 6’1″ and barely fits in our camper. He wasn’t there when I picked it out, and I feel terrible every time he hits his head… it’s more often than not! We manage. Some days it’s not so bad, and I enjoy the small space. I can clean the whole camper in an hour,we are in close proximity to each other, we have financial freedom to spend on other things, and the biggest perk of them all… pulling it around wherever we need to go! Some days, my husband wants to burn it down to the ground (he’s a tad bit dramatic). There’s little storage for clothes, toys and all the crap we’ve accumulated over time. You’re basically shitting into a port-o-potty, oven is the size of an Easy Bake oven, and showering and shaving your legs is not going to happen with a 3 gallon hot water heater. Despite ALL OF THAT, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being able to pack up all of our things in a day and move to a different state. No matter where we go, our HomeWheels stays the same. Some would consider it a lack of stability, this life on the road. In a traditional sense, I guess so. To us, it’s the opposite; having my family together is stability for us. I don’t know if one day we’ll stay in the same place or keep traveling, but for now watch out world, “Here we come!”





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    Love that you are following your heart! We have only 1 life to life.. live it to the fullest!

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    I enjoyed reading this! Love y’all , see y’all soon XO

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