Minnie Mouse Sign



This fun DIY Minnie Mouse sign is the perfect extra personal touch to add to your little one’s special day.

Material List: 

Step One: Paint canvas Bubblegum Pink two layers. Let dry between layers.

Step Two: Trace Mouse head onto canvas using a black permanent marker. This helps make the outline smooth.

Step Three: Paint polka dots onto canvas using our sponge stippler. Space polka dots 1 inch to 2 inches apart placing them randomly on canvas. You may need a small paint brush to go over a second time…if you want your circles to be perfectly white. Let dry.

Step Four: Fill in your Mouse head with black paint. Two layers if needed. Let dry.

Step Five: Print out desired name using Mickey font link found above. Depending on how long the name is, will determine your font size. ( I free handed my name..it’s 2 1/4″ tall. ) Trace name onto canvas using black permanent marker then fill in with black paint.

Step Six: Trace Bow outline onto your Mouse head using a pencil or white pencil. Do this lightly…you’re not going to want the outline to show when your done. Fill in bow outline with your rhinestones using the E6000 adhesive.(Be very careful with this adhesive..it’s crazy sticky!) Start from the center of the bow. Then work your way out. (I free handed this but have supplied a printable to make it easier for you. I also used different size rhinestone..It’s what I had at hand.)

Step Seven: Let dry and it’s ready for your special little someone!



After being used for a birthday..I turned it into a Bow Holder. Attach ribbon to the back! and Voila!


If you have any questions post them in the comments…


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