Juice Cleanse Verdict!

I’m done! I didn’t make it to 27 days, but I have a good excuse!

It was tough! This time around was not simple…but I did it!

I’m done! I can finally eat something crunchy! Juicing everyday for 24 days really makes you miss that. I ended up making this cleanse a 24 day challenge versus the 27 day since we are driving from Virginia to Texas this weekend. We will be on the road for almost 2 days, so making juices on the road with my juicer seemed far fetched…and sort of a headache to accomplish.

The temptations were all around me. I still had to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone…everyday. I stuck with the cleanse. I didn’t take one bite of the leftovers or crumbs. My husband and kids really helped to keep me motivated. The scale did too. Even though I shouldn’t have been weighing myself each day. Losing inches in my waist and hips really made a huge difference in how my clothes are fitting. After the second week, I wasn’t losing as much as I thought I would be. I sort of hit a plateau. I still kept at it…hoping that things would change. I still ended up losing weight but not daily.

As I got closer to day 20, it started to feel like such a drag. I was starting to lose focus on why I was doing this cleanse and started sinking into the desperation of getting through the day. I was miserable. I didn’t workout through this cleanse except the first couple days. I told myself I would…but I never did. I should of joined a gym to give me motivation. I’m not good at self motivation when it comes to workout out. I need someone yelling at me, telling me I can do it!

I still have about 10-15 pounds I want to lose, but I’m happy what this cleanse has done for me. I feel lighter and it has given me a jump start on finishing my ultimate weight loss goal.  I no longer feel sluggish and the stomach pains have disappeared.

13 Pounds Down in 24 Days!

If you want to give your weight loss a boost…I recommend doing a juice cleanse. If you’ve been eating terrible, processed foods,and/or refined sugars…a juice cleanse will help remove those toxins. If you think a juice cleanse is hard. You’re right! It’s not easy…but it is worth it! I’m so happy with my results! Check them out for yourself!



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    Wow, you look & did great!!!!
    I’m proud of you!

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      Thank you! It was a struggle but I’m so happy with my results! I still have more weight to lose but I’m on the right track!

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