Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Day 1

I did it. I finally started the 27-Day Juice Cleanse. I’ve been thinking about how to drop these 28 pounds for over a year. I’ve been thinking about it real hard while I was laying in bed, sitting on the couch, and watching T.V. Just thinking about losing weight apparently isn’t enough to make it happen. Darn the luck! My husband and I are taking a week long trip to Costa Rica in 27 days! Yup, I waited till the last minute! My body is not ready to be exposed to beach weather. I had been so worried about keeping the camper warm from snow and freezing temps, that I had forgotten that this is the body I would be taking with me to Costa Rica.

So, I bought a book, read some articles, and made a plan that juicing is the way to get me there. Let the journey begin!

Don’t forget to read previous posts! You can find the first post here: which talks about Why I’m choosing to juice and about how I got to where I am. Before you start on Day 1, please get your grocery list here for days 1-4.

I’ve been sort of nervous about posting pictures of my current body. I’ve been able to cover up since it’s winter with layers and layers of clothing. I hadn’t realized how much weight I had gained till we went home for the holidays about a month ago . Dodging the mirror helped me hide the truth from myself for quite awhile but I won’t hide anymore. This is why I’ve decided to go forward with what my reality is now. This is me, right now.

Monday, January 16,2017

I woke up late. It’s 9:30 a.m. and according to the juice plan I should of already had a juice shot and a juice. Whatever, I like sleeping. We’ve winterized our camper, which means all the windows have been covered up to keep the cold out. It makes it hard to get up early. I finally got my ass out of bed, dragging as usual. I use my Kureig to pour hot water over lemon, just one slice of lemon. It’s a nice warm drink to have in the morning, especially if your a coffee drinker.  The Ginger Shot is 1 inch of ginger and half an apple (Golden Delicious).  Juice it and Drink it. This is sort of the equivalent of an espresso shot. It’s damn good, and gives you one of those eyes wide open look. Now it’s time for my first official juice of the day! I’m ready now! I’m awake. Let’s get this going!

10:00 a.m. Morning Juice


  • 1 Apple (Golden Delicious)
  • 1 Handful Spinach
  • 1/4 Medium Pineapple (Peeled)
  • 1/4 Medium Cucumber
  • 1 Lime (Peeled)
  • 1.5″ Broccoli Stem
  • 6 Pods of Fresh Snap Peas
  • Juice Ingredients Above
  • 1/2 Medium Avocado
  • 1 Tsp Protein Powder (I used Matcha Green Protein)
  • 1 Tbsp Mixed Seeds (Sunflower/Pumpkin/Chia)

Add Avacado flesh, Protein Powder, Mixed Seeds into a blender, pour the extracted juice and blend until smooth.

This ends up being a thicker juice with the added Avocado. I love Avocado. My mom and I would sit together, talk and eat avocado w/ chips, in a tortilla, or on a tostada. On anything really. So when I get to add it to a juice, it makes me happy. This juice ends up being 26oz! That’s huge!

I lingered around a bit, made the kids their breakfast. Apparently a 4 year old and 6 year old still need help making their breakfast. When will these kids start pulling their weight? Geez! I convince the kids after breakfast that going outside for jog would be fun. It’s been raining off and on for some days now, so the road in the campground is a little wet. I put on my sweatshirt that is 2 sizes too small for me on and head out. I still look cute! We took a stroll around the campground. Jogging and walking, mostly walking since my 4 year old daughter wasn’t having it. I ended up holding her hand while trying to jog and keep up with my six year old son. Luckily, there’s some what of a playground here with a big field. So we headed that way, I ended up working up quite a sweat. I was glistening like Edward Cullen.

1:00 p.m.

I’m feeling pretty good. I’m not hungry. The morning juice really did fill me up. Juices that I’ve made before are usually around 12-16 ounces. I think having such a huge heavy juice in the morning is great, it’s helping me get to lunch juice with ease. I hate having your stomach growl and not even being close to the next juice. That’s not happening with this schedule. Having a juice every 3 hours is helping to keep the cravings away. I am feeling a little light headed, though. It might have something to do with my body cleansing itself from the processed food I’ve been eating. I’m sure it’ll pass once I get to day 3. I’ve done a juice cleanse before and had the same symptoms. Even though, this time around, it’s not that bad.

1:00 p.m. Juice


  • 1 large Orange (peeled, but w/pith on)
  • Medium Carrot (remove hard end)
  • 1 Small Bulb Raw Beetroot (remove hard ends)
  • 1 Large Handful Fresh Mint
  • 1.5″ Ginger


This juice has a beautiful red color to it, I posted a live video on the our FB page. Check it out if you get a chance.  This juice has a good kick to it, similar to the Ginger Shot. The ginger helps to cover up the earthy taste of the beetroot. I’ve had a juice with beets in it before. I swear it was like drinking straight up blended up dirt. Ugh! This juice is not the case, the orange, carrot and ginger help give it a nice light but spicy taste. I left my mint out on the table with our dehumidifier on. As you can imagine, the bunch of mint withered. I’m still using it. No point on wasting it, am I right? So your juice might have a more minty taste than what I ended up getting.

2:15 p.m.

I have a headache. The kids are driving me nuts. I’m trying not to get irritated but the headache, kids running around isn’t helping.

2:30 p.m.

Headache is gone. I don’t know how, but it is. Bathroom Break! It was a good one. I won’t go into detail since I’m not sure everyone wants to know all that.

3:34 p.m.

I guess I should do a real workout now. I’ve decided on a Kettle Bell workout. I found one on Pinterest that I think I might be able to handle. I’m going to attempt to make it a 30 minute workout. I’ve added a list of what I did. I’m using a 15 pound Kettle Bell.

Kettle Bell Workout:

  • Single Leg Deadlift (each leg)   8 Reps
  • Press Push (both arms)  8 Reps
  • Kettle Bell Swing  12 Reps
  • Single Arm Row (both arms)  12 Reps
  • Offset Squat (both arms)  8 Reps
  • Figure 8 Lunge (alternating) 12 Reps
  • Turkish Sit Up (both arms) 8 Reps
  • Seated Russian Twist 12 Reps

Repeat the above Reps 4x’s. That was my plan. LOL It didn’t happen. I did end up doing it 2x’s in 30 minutes. The second time around I didn’t do the Turkish Sit Up. That shit is hard. My left arm can barely carry a full gallon of milk. Much less do a Turkish Sit Up with a 15 pound Kettle Bell. I was sweating my ass off, though. Which is great, that means I’m getting something out of this. I hope I can get to where I can do this sequence 4x’s in 30 minutes. For right now, I’ll settle with two. I ended my workout with some yoga and some much needed meditation. The kids kept coming up to me saying “Ohmmmmm”. Those little buggers don’t forget a thing except where the hamper is or hamster like my daughter calls it! Come on, we literally live in a 100 sq.ft. space.

4:36 p.m.

Time for juice number 3! This is the same juice I made for lunch time (@ 1:00 pm.). Repeating the juice makes it easier, if you want to make them ahead of time and it’s also easier on your grocery list. I feel good. Headache hasn’t come back! Praise Juice! The third juice is suppose to be taken around 3 p.m. , so i’m running a little behind. That’s okay though, things hardly every go as planned. I even managed to make the kids Mac-n-cheese without taking a bite. I love Mac-n-cheese. Love it. I think writing about juicing is helping me stay strong. The Struggle is real! Having to cook and feed everyone and not taking a bite. I mean, what if it tastes terrible. Isn’t it my duty to make sure everything tastes wonderfully delicious for my family. I’ll have to refrain myself from that duty for the next 27 days. Sorry guys.

7:00 p.m.

I think being behind on my juices is starting to take a toll. My stomach is growling. I’m hungry. First, I have to make dinner for the husband and kids. This is somehow distracting me from being hungry. I try to make my juice while cooking. It didn’t happen. Luckily dinner didn’t take long to make. I finally get to start my dinner juice, I won’t be doing this tomorrow.  Dinner juice is the same as the Morning Juice. It’s so big(26 ounces), I ended up sharing with my husband and daughter. It’s so good and I feel so refreshed and full. I’m happy now.

10:00 p.m.

Going to bed now. I’m starting to feel the soreness that will be bestowed upon me tomorrow. It’ll be worth it, right?  I know it will, wait I don’t know.

I hope. 

Goodnight. Peace and Love.





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    Way to go on day 1- you are so inspirational!

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